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Like the last two editions, LANDSKRON 3 starts at around 2 p.m. in Basel-Stadt. Together we set off across two cantonal borders and a national border to Landskron Castle. We discover the surrounding area by tram and on foot and meet artists and people from the region. When you arrive at the castle, music, spectacle and culinary delights invite you to enjoy, celebrate and be amazed. At the end of the evening we go back into the city together, accompanied by cultural goodnight contributions.

Further information will follow after the ticket purchase approx. one week before the event



Artists and participants in Landskron 3 will be announced on 20 June. The Mirco Festival Landskron wants to make culture an intensive experience. In an inspiring environment, away from the busy schedules in the city and with the opportunity to exchange ideas about the experiences - with the artists, participants and visitors. Landskron would like to give a platform to artists who dare to do something new across disciplines, take experimental paths, want to share an idea in front of an audience for the first time or who want to try something different with a lot of experience. Having the desire to engage with the peculiarities of the place in their work,whether with sounds and tones, with images and light, with tastes or smells, with body and movement or with everything together.

The ruins of Landskron Castle

The Landskron Ruin is a special place with a long and eventful history in which borders play a central role. The binational association Pro Landskron was founded in 1983 and bought the ruin in 1984 in order to make it accessible to the public in the future and to be able to use it as a pivot for cross-border activities. With a lot of voluntary commitment and great passion for the history of the castle, the members of the association are committed to its preservation.
The association welcomes support.
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Landskron offers all sorts of sparkling and grape flavors from the region. From the local crémant to white wine, but also rosé to Alsatian beer, the castle bar invites you to enjoy yourself with seating and hanging areas made from woody residues. To keep your stomach happy, the Micro Festival works with local oven operators and pans wender.


We are enthusiastic about culture across borders, about joyful encounters, culinary delights and about the Landskron and its surroundings. We look forward to taking you on cultural border discoveries on the way to Landskron.

Alexandra Adler, Sandro Bernasconi, Simon Baudenbacher with

Kim Egi, Ronja Kösters, Sabrina Davatz, Zaida Schaulin, Annie Heine, Rim Harrabi, Nicolai Seckinger, Silvan Kuhl, Samuel Bramley and many more

Thank you...

...for the support that made Landskron 2 possible:

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