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A short review of the TRY OUT LANDSKRON 1
on 4 september 2022


At the edge of the path in the forest, the journalist read her text about the biologist Florianne Köchlin, who deals with plant communication. Flora and fauna accompanied the participants on their walk in a different way from then on.


Sanja Lukanović

After the final ascent, the participants were greeted by the performer in a particularly princess-like manner at Landskron Castle ruins. A powerful, melodic and humorous homage to the castle itself, which brought a surprised smile to the audience's faces.


Freshly arrived in the country from Paris, the performer and musician captivated us with her sound-movement experiment in the spectacular sunset on the tower of the Landskron. With a view of the hills of both countries, sounds, colours and rhythm merged into a magical stage spectacle.


David Löffel Saltzmann

He made the castle glow, and out of itself. Through him, the castle walls came alive and could move to the sounds of Anklin | Oron and captivate the audience. His installation on the way home also allowed the visitors to dive in and then out of the castle for a sparkling, enriching experience.


Max Wyss

The long-time president of the association «Pro Landskron» grew up in the Grenzweiler Tannwald and gave an insight into the history of the boundary stones in LANDSKRON 1. He gave the audience new insights into these artefacts of an eventful history.


Exuberant French chanson pop thrilled the visitors inside the castle. With their charming energy, the band from Geneva set ears and legs swinging and refreshed summery heads with just the right amount of light-heartedness.


The duo transformed the interior of the castle into a hypnotic soundscape where the sounds and rhythms spurred each other on, taking over the space and those present until the walls began to move in the minds of the audience. A conclusion that led to murmurs and cheers.



LANDSKRON 1 was a treat for all the senses - including the taste buds. The homemade bar served the finest white wine and crémant from the region, freshly tapped beer, rosé for the summer mood and some local non-alcoholic refreshing drinks.The Alsacian Flammekueche tasted delicious - especially thanks to the sympathetic efforts of many visitors.
We are looking forward to LANDSKRON 2 and further treats for the palate.

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